Friday, November 19, 2010

Homemade Pasta Egg Noodle - Recipe 1

Source: Genuine Egg Noodles' recipe listed in web

Total preparation and cooking time needed for recipe below is ~4 hrs.  Unused fresh pasta can be kept in freezer, so will cut off ~1 hr preparation time.

Serves 5

Durum wheat flour, 2 cups (or ~335g)
Baking powder, ¼ tsp (or ~0.8g)
Salt, ½ tsp (or ~3g)
Eggs, beaten, ~60g size, 3 units
Water, as needed

1. Sift dry ingredients into a big clean bowl.  Add in egg and a little water to mix well.  Works way up on the quantity of water needed for dough of workable consistency.  Increase dry ingredients quantity if the dough is too wet.

2. Knead dough until stiff.  Roll into ball and cut into quarters.  Using ¼ of the dough at a time, roll flat to about 1/8 inch use flour as needed, top and bottom, to prevent sticking.  Peel up and roll from one end to the other.  Cut roll into 3/8 inch strips.  Noodles should be about 4 to 5 inches long depending on how thin it was originally flattened.  Let dry for 1 to 3 hrs.  Alternatively, may dry noodle in oven at 175 degF for 35 mins.

3. Cook like any pasta or, instead of drying, first cook it fresh but make sure water is boiling and do not allow to stick.  It takes practice to do this right.


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