Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Korean Fried Chicken Wing - Sweet & Spicy Flavour


Serves 6-8 as part of a shared meal

Chicken wing, cleaned, ~3 kg

Milk*, 1 cup (or ~16 tbsp)
Salt, 2 tsp
Pepper, 3 tsp
Sugar, 2 tbsp
Ginger, peeled & minced, ½ tsp
Garlic, peeled & minced, 5 cloves
Red onion, grated, ½ unit

* Can substitue with soya milk

Coating flour:
Korean curry powder, preferred Ottugi brand, 3 tbsp
Potato starch, 8 tbsp (or ~½ cup)
Tempura flour, 24 tbsp (or ~1½ cup)

Sweet & Spicy Sauce:
Onion, diced, ½ unit
Tomato sauce, Western style, 1/3 cup
Sweet chilli sauce, ½ cup
Worcestershire sauce, 1 tbsp
Chilli flake, 2 tsp
Water, ½ cup
Cooking oil, 1 tbsp

Spring onion, chopped, some

1. Prepare wing.  Cut each wing at joints into 3 separate parts: drumlet, mid-wing & tip.  Cut off thick chuck of skin from mid-wing.  Make 3 slits on each drumlet and mid-wing to enable marinade to be more effective.

2. Mix well marinating ingredients. 

3. Add in chicken parts and toss well to ensure each is evenly coated.  All it to stand for 1 hr, then drain well for at least 15 mins.

4. Place ingredients for coating flour in a plastic bag and shake well.  Add in drained chicken and ensure all parts are evenly coated.

5. Fry chicken wings.  Heat oil to 160 degC.  Shake off excess coating flour before frying in hot oil.  Deep fry each side for around 5 mins, till light golden brown.  Dish out and allow to drain.

6. Increase oil temperature to 180 degC.  Return chicken to oil for 2nd deep fry.  Fry ~ 5 mins on each side till golden brown.  Drain oil.

7. Prepare sauce.  Stir fry onion with oil till it softens.  Add in remaining ingredients.  Stir well and allow it to simmer till thicken slightly.

8. Add in fried chicken parts, a few at a time, and allow sauce to thinly coat each piece evenly.  If too much sauce coated, it will overpower other flavours in chicken.

9. Dish out.

1. Sprinkle chopped spring onion on chicken and serve with steamed rice.


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