Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sam Leong's Tempura Flour (脆浆粉)

Source: Good Food Fun Cook 餐餐宝, 餐餐好 Episode 3

This recipe is for tempura flour used in preparation of coating batter for deep frying purpose. 

Plain flour, 2 cups + ½ tsp (or ~200g)
Glutinous rice flour, 2 tbsp (or ~20g)
Corn starch flour (生粉), 2 tbsp (or ~20g) 
Baking flour (发粉), 4¼ tsp (or ~16g)
Soda Bicarbonate (苏打粉), ¾ tsp (or ~3.2g)
Water, to make batter, amount depends on desired batter thickness after frying

1. Mix all dry ingredient together with a whisk.  This flour mixture can be kept for 1-2 mths if stored in air tight container and stored at cool places.

2. Add water to flour mixture slowly and stir well with whisk till batter of desired consistency is obtained. 

3. If desired end product after deep frying to have a thin batter crisp, add in more water.


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