Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deep Fried Stuffed Cempedak in Ice Cream Sauce

Source: Good Food Fun Cook 餐餐宝, 餐餐好 Episode 3

Serves ~8 as part of a shared meal

Cempedak, 1 whole small fruit
Cooked glutinous rice
Edible plain wafer paper (威化纸), to wrap food for deep frying, 8 sheets
Cooking oil, for use in deep frying

Ice Cream Sauce:
Vanilla ice cream, 3 scoops
Fresh milk, 1 small carton
Small banana, 2 pcs
Fresh vanilla bean, scrape out seeds for use, 1 pc

Tempura Flour(脆浆粉) Batter:
Plain flour, 1kg
Glutinous rice flour, 100g
Corn starch flour (生粉), 100g
Baking flour (发粉), 80g
Soda Bicarbonate (苏打粉), 16g
Water, to make batter, amount depends on desired batter thickness after frying

Fresh Lilium Brownii or Lily bulb (百合), 2 packets
Canned dark sweet cherries, 16 pcs
Parsley leaves

1. Prepare lily bulbs.  Wash and dry all.  Cut off top and bottom of each bulb and free each petal with hands.  Petals will be eaten raw.  Keep aside for later use in garnish.

2. Prepare ice cream sauce.  Place ice cream, milk, bananas and seeds from a vanilla bean into blender and blend well.  Keep the prepared sauce in freezer for later use.

3. Prepare tempura flour.  Mix all dry ingredients listed together with a whisk.  This flour mixture can be kept for 1-2 mths.  Add in water slowly and mix well using whisk to make into coating batter for deep frying.  If desired a thin crispy fried batter in end result, use more water to make a thinner coating batter.

4. Open cempedak fruit.  Before cut open the fruit, throw the whole fruit a few times with force to the ground. Cut open fruit with knife, and ply open the jacket with both hands.  The seeded fruits inside can be easily separated from skin jacket by lifting up the main stem brunch.  Remove individual seeded fruits with hand.

5. Prepare to stuff cempedak with cooked glutinous rice.  Press the cooked glutinous rice a little before stuffing it into the split of cempedak fruit.

6. To deep fry stuffed cempedak.  Wrap each stuffed cempedak with an edible plain wafer paper, then coat it with tempura batter before placing it in hot oil for deep frying.  Remove from hot oil when golden brown and place on paper towel to absorb excess oil.



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