Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Handle Dried Scallops (干贝) Before Cooking?

Source: Good Food Fun Cook 餐餐宝, 餐餐好 Episode 4

This tip is on how to handle dried scallops so that their texture will be tender and flavourful before use in cooking.


Dried scallops, each of ~size of S$0.20 coin, 10 pcs
Spring onion, sectioned
Ginger, young one preferred, 1 slice
Cooking oil, 1 tsp
Chicken stock, 4 tbsp

1. Soak dried scallops in water for 3hrs till soften.  Drain off water.

2. To drained scallops, add 4 tbsp chicken stock (or water) and 1 tsp oil, with a slice of young ginger and some spring onion, and steam for 45mins – 1hr.

3. The steaming process is to soften the texture and to improve flavour as chicken stock can be fully absorbed.  The use of spring onion and ginger will remove its original fishy odour and the oil will give a glossy look to scallops, hence improve the presentation of the final dish.


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