Friday, January 21, 2011

Pig Trotter in Black Vinegar (猪脚醋)

This is a typical confinement dish for Chinese after giving birth.  Use of ginger will drive "wind" out of the body system, while vinegar breaks down calcium from the bones hence supplements calcium to the needy mother after childbirth (as most of calcium in mum's body has passed on to baby for growth).  Use of sesame oil also helps to improve blood circulation and eggs are good nourishment for the body.  Though it is mainly a confinement dish but it can be eaten by everyone. 

Serves 6-8 as part of a shared meal

Pork trotter*, cleaned & hair removed, ~2kg
Egg, hard boiled and shells removed, ~10 units
Old ginger, cleaned, peeled & smashed, 1.2kg
Garlic, peeled and smashed, 3 cloves
Black rice vinegar (双料糯米甜黑醋)**, 750 ml (1 bottle)
Water, 750 ml (measured using the vinegar bottle)
Raw sugar, 500g
Salt, 1 tsp
Cooking oil, 5 tbsp
Sesame oil, 1 tbsp

* Fore limbs are less fatty, so is the preferred healthier choice
** Must use the 双料 version

1. Parboil the cleaned trotters to remove dirt and blood.

2. Add cooking oil and sesame oil to a big claypot over medium heat.  Stir fry smashed ginger and garlic till aromatic, then add in vinegar, water sugar and salt.  Let mixture boils over medium heat for at least 1 hr.

3. Add in trotters and hard boiled eggs and allow to simmer for at least 30 mins or till trotters are fully cooked and softened.

1. Serve with steam rice.  For best result, it is recommended to be eaten on 2nd day after reheating.


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