Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Make Perfect Light Scone?


Tips on making perfect light scones:

1. When preparing the equipment and ingredients for making the scones, ensure they are all as cool as possible, including your hands.  Butter should be very cold, but not frozen.  Warm hands, ingredients, and equipment if too warm will melt the butter rather than it be rubbed in resulting in heavy scones.

2. Work quickly, and lightly.  Avoid over rubbing or kneading the scone mixture.  The mixture does not need to be super-smooth, it needs simply to be pulled together in a light, pliable dough.

3. When cutting the scones using a tart cutter, avoid twisting the cutter, then gently shake the scone onto the prepared tray.  When cutting with a knife, use a sharp knife.  Blunt knifes or twisting the tart cutter tears at the edges of the scone and stunts the rise of the scone.

4. Cook near the top of the oven, even when using a fan.  Scones like it best near the top.


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