Friday, October 15, 2010

Cod Fish With Asparagus

 Source: Good Food Fun Cook 餐餐宝, 餐餐好 Episode 2

Serves ~8 as part of a shared meal

Cod fish, remove skin and bones, cut into slices
Thai asparagus

Fish Marinade:
Egg white, a little
Sesame oil, a little
Salt, a little
Sugar, a little
Corn flour, a little

Soy Sauce King (酱油王):
Spring onion, cut green part into ~1inch length
Old ginger, slices
Water to prepare sauce
Rock sugar, quantity according to own liking for sweetness
Oyster sauce, 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves
White part of spring onion

1. Cut cod fish into small chunks and mix with fish marinate.

2. Prepare Soy Sauce King.  Saute ginger slices and spring onion.  Add a little water.  When boil, add rock sugar according to own liking for sweetness.  Finally add oyster sauce, stir well before turn off heat.  Filter before use.

3. Prepare to steam fish.  Place 1 slice of ginger and some green part of spring onions on top of each fish chunk.  Steam for 5 mins.

4. After steaming, remove fish from steamer.  Remove ginger slices and spring onion, place white part of spring onion on each fish chunks.  Boil about 2 cups of oil/water mixture and pour it over the steamed fish.  Transfer fish to serving plate.

5. Boil asparagus tips and set aside for use.  Refer to cooking tips on how to boil asparagus the right way.



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